V&A Friday Late: Synthetic Aesthetics

Victoria and Albert Museum London, UK

Friday 25 April, 18.30-22.00

From the website: Can we design life itself? The emerging field of synthetic biology crosses the boundary between science and design to manipulate the stuff of life. These new designers use life as a programmable material, creating new organisms with radical applications from materials to machines. Friday Late turns the V&A into a living laboratory, bringing science and design together for one night of events, workshops and installations, each exploring our biological future. The evening will feature the book launch of 'Synthetic Aesthetics: Investigating Synthetic Biology's Designs on Nature', by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Jane Calvert, Pablo Schyfter, Alistair Elfick and Drew Endy, published by The MIT Press. The event is organized by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg.

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