The Universe and Art

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

February - June 2017

Wanderers - in collaboration with Stratasys - will be on display at "The University and Art": The Universe and Art is an artistic voyage through space, exploring where we came from and where we are going.

It weaves a rich constellation of Eastern and Western philosophies, ancient and contemporary art, and science and religion, to explore how humanity has constantly contemplated its presence in the universe.

Long the subject of dreams, mythologies and artistic visions, the universe has been studied by people from around the world for millennia. Featuring over 120 original artworks, scientific artifacts and manuscripts, this exhibition presents visions of the universe from across the globe and through the centuries.

It begins with sacred religious artifacts linked to Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. It continues with masterworks by the most renowned Renaissance astronomers, Galileo, Kepler, Newton and Copernicus, which are on show in Singapore for the first time. New thinking on the universe is explored in contemporary artworks by Bjorn Dahlem, Mariko Mori, Pierre Huyghe, Andreas Gursky, Wolfgang Tillmans, Hiroshi Sugimoto and more. The exhibition concludes with artwork devised specifically for space, providing unique insights in how art and culture have influenced how we explore the universe.

At its heart, the exhibition celebrates humanity's age-old fascination for the universe and its mysteries. It shows how the universe has been an object of religious worship, a source of artistic and literary inspiration, and the basis of some of the most revolutionary scientific discoveries of all time.

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