Imaginary Beings

Centre Georges Pompidou Paris, France

3 May 2012 - 6 Aug 2012

From the website: "Multiversity" is a neologism. This formulation reflects the diversity of multiple universe in creative transformation. The exhibition "multiversities creative" means lead visitors on the trail of experimentation, research and prospective work in the fields of architecture, design, new technologies and social innovation. "Provide fair and strong images of objects whose unity and coherence are world problems. And not only to wear witness, but it also act as a pole of attraction creating his field, interaction, including generating novation. This manifesto, stated in 1986 by the philosopher Jean-François Lyotard, epitomizes the spirit of the event that brings together fifteen devices specially designed and constructed for the occasion. One of them is from a Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) organized by the Pompidou Centre in Benin, with support from Marie-Christine and Lionel Zinsou for Zinsou Foundation and the Songhai Centre in Porto Novo. All illustrate the contemporary revolution in creative processes, their progress, their ruptures and the conditions for their implementation. Technological, aesthetic and societal approaches intersect around a few simple themes: generate, produce, represent.

The exhibition is organized by Valérie Guillaume , Chief Curator of Heritage, Head of Industrial Foresight National d'Art Moderne and Museum curator.

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